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The Best Way to Participate in the ROKS Revolution

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

You can be a Master Evangelist.

What is a Master Evangelist?

A Master Evangelist (ME) owns a geographic territory. Within this territory, the ME gets at least 0.3% and at most 1% of all ETH transactions.

Here's how it works.

You can own the fee rights to the Local Token Smart Contract for the Geographic Territory where you want to be the ME. Local Token smart contracts are all owned by RockStable, but you can own the fee rights to those smart contracts. Here's what you get for being the ME of a Geographic Territory (GT), which can be a town or a city:

1. You can form your own "army" of subordinate evangelists who will go out and spread the installation of the MainSale app in your GT; you don't have to do all the work.

2. Why would anybody sign up as an evangelist in your territory (GT)? Each evangelist can earn 0.7% of every ETH transaction processed through every MainSale app instance that she installs.

3. You earn 0.3% of every ETH transaction processed through all the MainSale app instances installed by your subordinate evangelists.

4. If a vendor installs the MainSale app on her own, you become the default evangelist and you earn the full 1% of fees for all ETH transactions through this self-installed MainSale app.

5. Smart vendors can assign themselves to be an evangelist in addition to being a vendor. In this case, these vendors only pay 0.3% in transaction fees, which all goes to you.

Note: the system does not charge transaction fees for ROKS transactions, only for ETH transactions. In version 2, customers will be able to pay using popular cryptocurrencies other than ETH, and in this case you would still get your 0.3% or 1%.

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